یک شانه تخم مرغ بخرین و بعد اون ها رو پیچ کنین به دیوار و بعد رخت و لباس‌تون رو ازشون آویز کنین.

خود مرغ رو که دیر به دیر میبینیم. لا اقل تخم مرغ رو هرروز میتونیم جلو چشممون داشته باشیم! :)))))

Coat Eggs by Daniel Schofield

Daniel Schofield is a furniture and lighting designer based in Sheffield, UK whose work we’ve featured before. The packaging of his new Coat Egg hooks slays me! Check it out:

Coat Eggs by Daniel Schofield

Coat Eggs by Daniel Schofield

A fun take on the traditional coat peg, Coat Eggs came out of the frustration Schofield had by his coats being left with a point indented in them by sharp metal coat hooks. These rounded Beech “eggs” stop this from happening and are cute to look at, too! Available in a “half dozen.”

Coat Eggs by Daniel Schofield

Coat Eggs by Daniel Schofield

Coat Eggs by Daniel Schofield

Schofield will present these and a cork mirror during Tent London at Design Event. Design Event will also be showcasing he recently launched British by Design e-shop, which features innovative and unique gift ware and interior products designed in the UK.

آکواریوم‌هایی با طراحی متفاوت

یکشنبه 29 مرداد 1391 11:32 ب.ظ
طبقه بندی:دکوراسیون داخلی، طراحی، طراحی صنعتی، 

خلاقیت هنوز زنده و تأثیر گذاره... مثل همیشه

اگر زندگیتان پر از استرس و نگرانیست ، وجود یک آکواریوم با ماهی های شناور در آن به آرامش شما بسیار کمک میکند. در این مطلب چند نمونه آکواریومهای غیر معمول و متفاوت را می بینیم

Is your life full of stress and worry? Getting an aquarium may be a great way to relax!
Many studies have shown that watching fish going about their daily business can reduce your stress levels, lower your blood pressure and make you feel more relaxed.


یه نمونه کار شده لاک پشتی!!! در واقع خانه به دوشی یا هوموبیل. خیلی جمع و جور و با طراحی عالی.

نکته قابل توجه اینه که اگرچه حجم کلی این هوموبیل از بیرون قابل درک و ابعادش قابل محاسبه ست اما به واسطه شکست ها و زاویه دادن هایی که به سطوح‌ش اعمال شده، درک ما از فضای داخل چیزی به کل متفاوت و حتی بزرگ‌تر و دل‌بازتر از چیزیه که در واقع هست….

به دکوراسیون داخلیش توجه ویژه داشته باشید.

کتابخانه در دل سقف (دکوراسیون داخلی)

پنجشنبه 18 اسفند 1390 10:47 ق.ظ
طبقه بندی:دکوراسیون داخلی، طراحی، طراحی صنعتی، 

گاهی ساده ترین طرح ها از پیچیده ترین طرح ها هم جذاب تر و بهتر از آب در میان.

خیلی لذت بردم از این کتابخوونه!

هر بار که سربالا می کنی عظمت کتاب های نخونده در چشمت میاد و این که چقدر عقبی از جایی که باید بهش برسی.. .قدر و همت آدمی رو بالا می بره این فضاسازی  و خب در عین حال یک گنبد و نورگیر سقفی خوب کاربردی هم خلق کرده.

Wade Davis Writing Studio By Travis Price Architects Round Bookcase Hovering Above Davis Writing Studio

Ever wondered how a massive bookcase can become part of a working space? This is a fantastic solution – constructing a round bookcase hovering above the work space. Designed by Travis Price Architects, this interesting space arrangement was created for Wade Davis. He needed a space that would encompass his interests. Being an anthropologist, ethnobotanist, author and photographer, Wade Davis’ Writing Studio had to convey a feeling of enthusiasm and knowledge, so Travis Price Architects imagined a cave-inspired design that would capture natural light and bring it inside.

Wade Davis Writing Studio By Travis Price Architects 2 Round Bookcase Hovering Above Davis Writing Studio

By building a dome above Dave’s workspace, the architect designed an unusual space that would display the most used books, which enables the client to interact with his them in an inspiring setting. The architects describes this dome “as similar to the rotunda of the oracle’s temple at Delphi“, while Davis calls it his “Navajo kiva of knowledge“. As they say, “with great power comes great responsibility” – this in seen in the respect this arrangement has for the books and their human counterpart. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like this working space?

Wade Davis Writing Studio By Travis Price Architects 3 Round Bookcase Hovering Above Davis Writing Studio

نحوه استفاده از این مصالح در نوع خودش جالب و قابل قبوله.

ببینین که چجوری کهنه و نو میتونن تلفیق بشن. حتی روی دکور هم تأثیر گذاشته.

© Hannes Henz

Architects: Wespi de Meuron
Location: 62010 Treia (MC), Marche,
Completion: 2010
Property surface: 12,500 sqm
Floor space net: 311 sqm
Photographs: Hannes Henz

© Hannes Henz

Original situation
The rural property lies in a hilly landscape about 12 km from the town of Treia. The ca. 300 years old farmhouse has three storeys, and half of the main building was damaged by fire in 1995. The outer facade of the main building is put under protection by the municipal authority. The complex was completed by two smaller volumes of one level only: the first was a herd and a furnace, the other one was a cantilever roof barn.

© Hannes Henz

Intention of the project was the renovation and transformation of the property into a contemporary dwelling and holiday house, with attached guest house and pool. The masonry has been largely preserved and restored, whereas all the wood structure (intermediate floors and roof) where replaced. As part of the renewal of the static structure, the necessary reinforcing precautions for seismic safety, were integrated in an invisible manner.

© Hannes Henz

The architectural language thematizes the combination of old substance and new interventions: sometimes by contrast and sometimes by merging both old and new. For example, the roof was restored in the traditional way (primary and secondary wooden beams, subview with terracotta, roof covering with „coppi“ tiles), while the new intermediate floors and new interior walls are in white plaster. The floors also are made without joints in a hard and clear material.

© Hannes Henz

These new white interior surfaces help the reflection of light, giving them the feeling of largeness. In this way it was possible to maintain the relatively small historical apertures in the same dimensions and proportion, whilst all rooms are irradiated by a fresh light.


The original stone wall which divides clearly into two parts the plan of the main building has been respected and largely preserved by the intervention.The northern portion of the house was a ruin after the fire, this ruin has inspired the project. In fact an open ad airy room that goes from the ground floor to roof has been realized.

من به شخصه از مصالح یکدست و بخصوص سفید خیلی خوشم میاد. همچنین از دکوراسیون ساده و شیک.

به دیدهایی که ایجاد کرده، به نورپردازی کم رنگ و در عین حال زیبا و دلنشینش، و به دکوراسیون ساده اش توجه کنین.

با اینکه رنگ سفید مصالحش با رنگ سایتش همخونی نداره، ولی خوب نشسته توی سایت.


Architect: Mario Martins
Location: , Algarve,
Project Years: 2007-2011
Design Team: Ana Rocha, Filipa Santos, Fernanda Pereira, Rui Saavedra
Technical projects: Palma & Franco, Lda
Photographers: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra


Designing a house in Luz-Lagos, in the south of Portugal, in a truly interesting location facing the sea, was defined by a set of guidelines, namely:
- The creation of a contemporary architectural element;
- Respect for and connection with the surrounding area, natural and built upon;
- The use of local materials and building techniques;
- Deciding the solar orientation and having effective wind protection;
- Making the most of the excellent location and its panoramic views;
- Creating a gentle interior/exterior transition. So that the exterior is a pleasant space for living and leisure.


These guidelines result in a set of white volumes, free and organically grouped, culminating in a semi-circular opening, which embraces the pool and opens out to the privileged sea view. This results in the central terrace, the main space of the house, where the privacy is felt and where the horizon is predominant.


It is around this terrace that the functional organisation of the house is structured, on one floor. There are five bedrooms with bathrooms and a large living room which leads to the kitchen. The garage, technical and service areas ensure the smooth running of the house.

elevations 01

The house is all in white. It is a southern house, and as such the light is intense. It is this light, with its strong, distinct shadows, that gives colour and meaning to the white that covers the building. The strong presence of water and the landscaping surrounding the area accentuate the tranquility of the place.

معماری با لوله های پلاستیکی!

دوشنبه 24 بهمن 1390 11:39 ب.ظ
طبقه بندی:معماری و شهرسازی، طراحی، طراحی صنعتی، 

یک کار تجربی جالب؛ ساخت یک اتاق فروشگاهی (یک Bar) که با سازه ای ساده و چوبی و پوششی از لوله‌ی پلاستیکی بسته شده با بست کمربندی ساخته شده.

 ’bluetube’ temporary bar by dose
all images © carlos trancoso / dose

‘bluetube bar’, designed by portuguese  studio dose (antónio martins, carlos foyedo, and luís grilo,  recent graduates of oporto university), utilizes the low-cost materials and simple construction techniques of the designers’ ‘tube-it’ system to create a temporary outdoor bar.the project was designed for the queima das fitas do porto academic festival. charged with the constraints of a 3-meter square area and 5-meter height, dose rolled corrugated plastic tubing in a helicoid pattern around a basic structural frame. each layer was secured together with plastic clamps.
the nature of the material offers interesting lighting effects during night hours when illuminated from within.

view looking up

detail view

the bar illuminated by night

closer look

detail on base construction

view of doorway

left: floor plans
right: side view plan

cutaway aerial view of interior

structural render

miniature working models of the structure

construction process

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