elise morin + clémence eliard: wastelandscape

از دور و در نگاه اول باورتون نمی شه این طراحی تجربی از چه متریال ساده و دم‌دستی ای ساخته شده......

'wastelandscape', an installation by elise morin and clémence eliard

created by french artist elise morin and architect clémence eliard, 'wastelandscape' overtakes the 'halle d'aubervilliers' 
of paris's centquatre with an undulating landscape composed of 65,000 old CDs, sorted and hand-sewn together 
into a 500-square meter surface. the piece is on exhibition at the centquatre now through september 10th.

in the artists' words:
'made of petroleum, this reflecting slick of CDs forms a still sea of metallic dunes;
the artwork's monumental scale reveals the precious aspect of a small daily object.

'wastelandscape' is planned for exhibition in multiple locations, transforming each time, 
before eventually being completely recycled into polycarbonate.

the 500-square meter artificial landscape utilizes 65,000 CDs

installation view

view from above

closer view

detail view